a fully natural perfume designed promote a personal  sense of well being in a world of strife.

Let go of stress and anxiety with this soothing collection mandarin, frankincense, lavender, cedar and fir distillations. It is housed in a bed of mimosa, osmanthus and chamomile, while grounded in a base of warm amber notes.

American Perfumer Profile Mesha Munyan




We use only natural raw materials in perfume compositions

We wanted you to all know about the care and selection of all of our ingredients used to create our "Artisan" perfumes. Whole essential oils provide mysterious depth within the creation of a complete perfume.
Lavender alone has 130 identifiable compounds, rose has over 300. Many complex aromas combine to sing a new song. We encourage you to try our sample sizes to explore our perfumes on your skin.

Artisan Natural Perfumery    (synthetic-free)

Steam distillation requires harvested lavender blooms to be suspended  above rising steam  in order to lift oil from the bursting calyxes. The vapors then cool and liquify when passing through the condenser

After distillation the floating essential oil is separated from the hydrosol and bottled in glass for future use in perfumery. Some aging can improve oil quality.

Harvesting begins when the lavender blooms average two thirds flowering on most stems. Notice the tiny flowers at the tip of the oil bearing calyx.


Plant selection for perfumery begins with scent. Rub the blooming cultivar to smell the aroma. If you don't like it fresh you will not be happy with the essential oil at distillation