Lavender Essential Oils

Our lavender cultivars are grown and distilled directly onsite, so you have the assurance of  authenticity and purity of our essential oil --- from plant to still to bottle.

Custom Perfume

Contact us to request a consultation for custom perfume design.  This is often requested for personal,special events and corporate branding.


Contact us to request consultation on these subjects:  growing lavender, distilling, and product design.

Distillation Workshops

Sample Collections

Start by sampling our complete collection of natural scents, by purchasing our 1 ml. vial collections.

Lavender Product Line

Our lavender products can be found locally at the Port Townsend food Co-Op in Washington.

Lavender Sommelier
This is an educational program, designed to train students to identify quality lavender essential oils.

After successfully completing this course, the student can continue in practical nose-training to earn a judging certificate.


An exotic selection of raw materials are used to compose our complete line of natural perfumes, containing no synthetics, petroleum products or toxic materials.

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