2015 San Francisco

Gold:  Best ingredient combinations

Silver:  Most Unique

Bronze:  Best Aroma


Mimoza:  delicate solaflora

Yuzzu:  light citrus in a sandalwood base

Ozmanthus:  fruity floral

Abzinthe:  green herbal with anise top note

Spiced Cocoa:  cocoa, vanilla and cardamom

Zauvage:  spiced rose, ginger lily and jasmine

Blackbird: meditative amber blend

Moonfest: woodsy herbs and spice

Opal Rain: pink lavender and calming notes

Ergoz: classic cologne

Perzimon: warm woods with tropical spice

2014 Top Artisan Fragrances

Silver: Aroma


Silver: Uniqueness


Silver: Ingredient Combinations

Zauvage, Abzinthe

Bronze: Top Judges Selection


Bronze: Aroma

Abzinthe, Blackbird

Bronze: Ingredient Combinations


Bronze:  Scent Seductiveness

Blackbird, Abzinthe, Zauvage

Bronze:  Uniqueness

Abzinthe, Zauvage

Bronze: Artistry

Abzinthe, Zauvage, Blackbird

Gold Judges Award: SF 2014

Most Unique

Gold Peoples Choice Award:

Top Artisan Perfumer

Silver Judges Award:

Most Seductive Scent

Silver Peoples Choice Awards:

Best Aroma, Most Unique, Top All-around Product Line

Bronze Peoples Choice Awards:

Best Ingredient Combinations, Most Seductive Scent, Best New Product, Best in Salon

2014 Award

Gold Judges Awards: Seattle 2013

Best Ingredient Combinations

Best Aroma

Most Unique

Top Artisan Perfumer

Most Seductive Scent

Best New Product

Best in Salon

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